We love our birds! Listening to a cheerful Cardinal sing with all it’s splendor or watching a Robin playfully splash in a bird bath, birds bring us a joy and relaxation that is not found in technology.

Our Story

This passion formed an idea to start a movement that showcases the beauty of birds for everyone, but most importantly to those who can’t get out anymore or who face health challenges...particularly our seniors and children.

Having grandparents in nursing and assisted living facilities, we have seen firsthand the daily struggles, boredom, and loneliness that often marks the day not only for the residents, but for staff members as well. But that beautiful bird photo immediately sparks a smile and a chuckle...and even a playful conversation about their memories of birds.

Millions of people peek out their windows each day hoping to catch a glimpse of birds in their backyard feeders. Through our Chirps of Joy™ products, we bring that beauty of nature into homes throughout the country. And when you support Chirps of Joy, what you are really saying is that you haven’t forgotten about our seniors and children and are excited to share the birds with them too!

All images and physical Chirps of Joy™ photo cards are the property of Start Imagining Birds, LLC. and are not to be copied, duplicated, or dispersed without prior written consent of the management of Start Imagining Birds, LLC.

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