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Chirps of Joy™

We love our birds! Whether it is sipping a nice cup of coffee in the morning and listening to a cheerful Cardinal sing in the distance, or watching a Robin splash in a bird bath, birds bring so much joy and relaxation to so many people.

Having grandparents in nursing and assisted living facilities, we have seen firsthand the daily struggles, boredom, and loneliness that often marks the day not only for the residents, but for staff members as well. This is why we created Chirps of Joy™!


Chirps of Joy™ would look great in your home! Hang these lovely 6" x 9" photos on your fridge, in a picture frame or scrapbook and enjoy. Chirps of Joy™ is bird photography with versatility for you! Postcards are also in stock!

For every order placed, we will donate a Chirps of Joy photo to a nursing home or children's hospital. It is so important that those in nursing homes continue to feel that special bond with nature. They may not be able to get out and enjoy the birds anymore, which is why we want to bring the birds to them through Chirps of Joy™! These photos can help them focus on the beauty of nature, share fun memories and stories with fellow residents and staff, and most importantly...have fun!!!

Brothers Anthony and Alex Hussak

Founders of Start Imagining Birds, LLC

Children who are battling illnesses also face similar struggles. The constant worries and anxiety can be problematic and very challenging. We want to lift spirits and put smiles on their faces to let their mind wander off to the beauty of birds!

The staff and patients at Bradley Hospital loved Chirps of Joy!

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