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Your corporate supporters love golf and love being a part of the greater community. Give them another opportunity to donate funds to your cause while having fun and partaking in something unique and memorable.  

Your golf tournament sponsors can purchase one of the most unique fundraising packages available to benefit your Foundation!

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© 2021 Start Imagining Birds, LLC.

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© 2021 Start Imagining Birds, LLC.

Think about the golf course. Surrounded by beautiful trees and landscaping, the colorful sights and cheerful sounds of birds ring through the air and provide a pleasant backdrop to the game.  

Why birds and how does this fit your tournament?

More importantly for the community though, birds bring incredible joy and happiness to millions of people each year. For our seniors in elder care and children in hospitals, they may be confined to the indoors and may not have an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful benefits of birds. 

  • 100 6” x 9” custom bird photo cards given to those you support. 

  • Customized 16” x 20” Bird Canvas Trophy awarded to person in tournament with highest number of birdies. 

  • Suggested sponsor level is $2,500…with 85% going directly back to the Foundation and 15% of the sponsorship covering costs.

Birdies FORE Birdies™ Purchased Sponsorship Package:

*Foundation does not pay anything towards this program*

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It is all about smiles and joy...

For children and seniors in hospitals or care facilities, seeing the beauty of birds can bring a wonderful diversion to their day and help bring them the warmth and joy of nature. 

One smile can change a life forever.

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Sample Back

Sample Front

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This is just a sample of how the photo cards could look as it can be customized based on the sponsor’s request.

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Sample Canvas Trophy for Birdie Winner

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  • 16” x 20” Custom bird canvas. Bird photo can be chosen from Start Imagining Birds Inventory.

  • Logo for Foundation and Sponsor will be added.

  • Golf tournament title, hosting Country Club name and date will be added.

  • Given to golfer with the highest number of birdies.

Please contact us to see how your Foundation, Sponsors, and Golf Tournament can be a part of one of the coolest programs!

All images and physical Chirps of Joy™ photo cards are the property of Start Imagining Birds, LLC. and are not to be copied, duplicated, or dispersed without prior written consent of the management of Start Imagining Birds, LLC.