Bringing the beauty of birds to seniors and children!

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Help us bring smiles, joy, and relaxation to those in nursing homes and children's hospitals!

Bringing smiles to children is also near and dear to us. Nothing is more troubling or difficult for a child than to go through an illness and be in the hospital. It’s scary and can be frightening to think about. Our mission is to put a smile on their face and to help them relax and focus on something fun, beautiful, and cheerful. Not only can they hold onto and display the photo while they are in the hospital, but they can also take it home and display it when they have successfully beaten their illness.


For every order that we receive, either the Chirps of Joy photos or postcards, we will donate a Chirps of Joy photo to either a nursing home or children’s hospital to bring smiles, happiness, and relaxation to seniors and children. One smile is all that it takes to turn someone’s day around! Thank you for joining us on this journey and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our mission!

That is our goal and mission with Chirps of Joy! With our grandfather having dementia, we have seen the loneliness, boredom, and anxiety that often marks the day for seniors in nursing homes. We want to give them a spark and bring a little splash of nature to their rooms by providing Chirps of Joy bird photos for them to cherish, display, and enjoy. Feeling a connection to the outside world and to nature is so important for happiness and mental health. Since in many instances they are confined to the indoors, these bird photos can lift their spirits, help them focus on positive thoughts, while also leading to fun conversations and stories with fellow residents and staff.

Bringing smiles and happiness to our seniors in nursing homes and children battling illnesses in hospitals.

Brothers Anthony and Alex Hussak

Founders of Start Imagining Birds, LLC

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