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Canvas Prints for the Office

Nature. The outdoors.

For many people, being outside helps to refresh the mind. It's during this time that we are allowed to slow down and appreciate what is around us.

Your office should inspire you and your employees.

How is your office bringing the beauty, joy, and simplicity of nature into your work space?

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Why Birds?

Birds are an inspiration to us all. These small little creatures bring us smiles with their cheerful songs and dazzling colors. 

They give us hope. Battling the elements, birds push ahead on their journey and show us that we can do the same.

Simply put, birds make people happy. Here is a great article from the World Economic Forum regarding a study showing the connection birds have on our happiness.

Show your support for nature.

With bird watching being an extremely popular activity, featuring the breathtaking beauty of birds in your office is a wonderful way to express your support for nature to customers, vendors, clients, and business partners.

Imagine a striking red Cardinal in your conference room or lobby. What a pleasant and welcoming sight for your employees and customers!

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A relaxed and creative employee is a productive employee.


By featuring some of nature's most beautiful birds in your office, you are bringing familiarity and joy to management and your employees.

Canvas Prints

Along with our traditional bird photos, inspirational prints are also available. Your business has the ability to order directly through our webstore, or you can contact us to customize a particular print with your mission or vision statements. 

Please browse our selection or reach out to us for customized prints for your specific needs!

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For each order, we donate 6" x 9" bird photos to a nursing home or children's hospital to share smiles and joy with seniors and children.

Give Back.

Join us on this special mission. Each time you look at your canvas print, you will also remember the joy you brought to a senior or child.

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All images and physical Chirps of Joy™ photo cards are the property of Start Imagining Birds, LLC. and are not to be copied, duplicated, or dispersed without prior written consent of the management of Start Imagining Birds, LLC.

Please contact us to see how your business can enjoy the beauty of birds through stunning canvas prints!