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4 Plants that Make Hummingbirds Buzz!

While mixing up your own nectar is a fantastic way to attract Hummingbirds, there are many plants that will do wonders to bring these beautiful birds right to your backyard! Many plants have nectar inside, especially in tubular plants which give the Hummingbirds another great source of food during the summer season. Let’s take a look at four plants that make Hummingbirds buzz!

Lucifer Plant

The Crocosmia plant, also known as a Lucifer plant, is a tubular plant with a beautiful, vibrant red color. These do not bloom very long, only lasting a few weeks, but the Hummers love investigating these plants for a good snack! These plants also have yellow blooms which come up a little bit later, but these will be great for the Hummers as they prepare for migration.

Cuphea "Vermillionaire"

The Cuphea “Vermillionaire” is another tubular plant that is perfect for Hummingbirds. These bloom for a much longer period of time making this a perfect option for greater Hummingbird enjoyment throughout the summer months. Be sure to keep this plant in full sun for maximum enjoyment and growth.

Cardinal Flower with a Hummingbird!

Hummingbirds love the Cardinal flowers for nectar! One way to ensure Hummer happiness is to make sure you give the plants plenty of room so they have enough room to hover and go from tube to tube! These will get quite tall with plenty of stalks for them to choose from.

Bee Balm Plant

Our final plant we will look at today are the Bee Balms! These are a perennial plant and is another favorite for the Hummingbirds. Typically, you will find the Bee Balms with pink, red, or white blooms. We hope this gives you an idea on types of plants that are great for your garden and those that also will make the Hummingbirds happy!

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