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Bird Fun!!!

Before we have some bird fun, I just wanted to share a quick update. Start Imagining Birds is now on Facebook! Please give us a like and follow and share the news with your friends!

We have also added a Videos page where we will frequently add fun, new videos of birds having a great time.

This post will be a little more laid back as I'll share some recent photos and videos of birds that we have captured. It's going to be a hot week, so make sure to keep your bird baths full (and of course keep yourself hydrated, just don't go drinking out of the bird bath:)

We went to Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge to do a little bird watching last week to hopefully find something new for the first time. After hearing a little fuzzball singing in the distance, we were finally able to catch up with this Veery. This bird can be confused with a Hermit Thrush, and even threw us off a little at first. It looked like he was very happy...:)


Goldfinches always put on a great show. Their bright yellow colors make them stand out anywhere. Here is a video of a male enjoying a nice meal at a tube feeder! Watching them chase each other is always a treat. It always amazes me how they can fly through the trees so quickly playing "tag" without hitting the branches!


Ever wonder what a bird looks like when they get in trouble? Here it is, the "I didn't do anything wrong look!" Well Mrs. House Finch, you really shouldn't be drinking out of the Hummingbird feeders. It's not polite to take from others. Don't give us that sad face!!!

That's all the bird fun for now! Don't forget to like us on Facebook and tell your friends. More Chirps of Joy releases will be coming soon!

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