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Cardinals bring smiles!

Cardinals. There is just something about them that brings so much happiness and joy each time I see one. They are typically one of the first ones to the feeders in the morning as they look to beat the “rush hour” crowd, and can be found again in the feeders as the sun begins to set, seemingly looking to enjoy a quiet meal before going to bed.

A few days ago on a cold and cloudy afternoon, with a few snowflakes mixed in, a male cardinal arrived in the tree. It’s stunning and dazzling red color shined like a beautiful beacon on this otherwise dreary day. I couldn’t stop smiling at its appearance. It is one of those things that just never gets old. Each time a cardinal shows up, it’s another chance to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

We’ve been fortunate this fall to have a couple white-breasted nuthatches in the area! Last year, we had one show up for a couple days, but they did not stick around. They have been an absolute blast to watch going up and down the trees, dashing to the feeders and storing seed in the trees. I still get back pains just watching them sit in the feeders like they do!

Speaking of storing seed, this black-capped chickadee was very creative in storing its seed. He was storing them in our weather station! He was taking sunflower chips and tucking them in underneath the rain gauge. These little birds are quite resourceful!

That’s it for now, I apologize for not writing in the past few weeks as we have been extremely busy with many exciting things for Start Imagining Birds! We will get back in the groove of regular blog postings!

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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