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Chirps of Joy!!!

Start Imagining Birds is so excited to announce the launching of a new product called Chirps of Joy! Combining the elegance of bird photos with the simplicity and feel of a postcard, Chirps of Joy aims to bring the beauty and wonder of birds to us all. Descriptions and facts on the back of each card will allow for fun, interactive discussions.

Options include sets, subscriptions, and single purchases. Sets will include three Chirps of Joy based on a particular bird or a variety of birds. Subscriptions can be purchased as well to have Chirps of Joy shipped either monthly or every other week and will be hand-picked by our team. Single, one-time Chirps of Joy purchases can be made as well and these will also be hand-picked by our team to give you a feathered surprise!

Chirps of Joy make a great gift for the bird lover in your life. If you have family, friends, or loved ones in a nursing home or assisted living facility, these make a wonderful gift by bringing a splash of nature and color into their rooms. These are easily displayed and can give someone something fun and enjoyable to look forward to.

Want to bring the birds into your office? Chirps of Joy are perfect to display and look at during the day and can lead to fun conversations with co-workers about the wonders of birds. Tack them to a bulletin board or prop up against a wall and now you can look at beautiful bird photos right in your office. These are a great alternative to a print!

Chirps of Joy would look great anywhere in your house. Hang them on your fridge or put them in a frame to enjoy bird photos all year! To learn more, please check out


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