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Water, Fire, and Juncos

Fall is in full swing around Western New York, and as I am writing this blog, there are even a couple snowflakes gently floating down. This is a great time of year though for bird watching adventures as you don’t have to worry as much about the heat and humidity of the summer. Speaking of adventures, we made it to Chestnut Ridge Park a couple weeks ago and brought the camera along to look for some birdies. Surprisingly, the birds were pretty quiet, so we instead went on the trail that led to the Eternal Flame by the waterfall. What an adventure!

I was assuming that this was a nice, easy path that led straight to the flame. We had heard about this and since we were here, why not check it out? After a treacherous walk going down hill (especially on wet leaves), we made it back to ground level. Where is the flame? We followed the markings on the trees, but noticed that the path was getting progressively more difficult and dangerous as we went along. Large boulders, downed tree branches, wet leaves, and a waterway had us second guessing. Using some creativity and certain rocks to our advantage, we were able to cross the waterway and continue onwards. Finally…there it was! The Eternal Flame! We were so close to turning around and heading back, thankfully we kept going a little more to see this awesome sight! Check out the video!

Back to the birds, have you noticed who’s back? The dark-eyed juncos have made their return! They have been a blast to watch as they run around looking for seed to eat. Here are a couple pictures of them in action. They will be around all winter long as they like the colder weather! We have been treated to a white-breasted nuthatch that has been visiting for several weeks which has never happened before.

That’s it for now, we are participating in the Cabin Fever Cure Virtual Craft Show this weekend which we are really excited about! We are running a craft show special where you can choose three 6” x 9” Chirps of Joy photos and get 12 pre-stamped bird photo postcards for only $25.95, which also includes Free Shipping! Check out the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2766211933595218/

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