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Fall is coming!

It’s that time of the year again. The sky is a lighter blue. The sun is going down a little earlier. It’s a little darker and cooler in the morning. There are hints of golden yellows and reds in the trees. Fall is around the corner! The migratory birds are starting to make final preparations for their trip south. As sad as this time of year can be knowing that the hummingbirds, grosbeaks, and orioles are heading south, we are also getting closer to welcoming new birds to the area such as the dark-eyed juncos and pine siskins.

We made another stop to Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge to do a little bird watching and it was certainly electric! This gray catbird was having a great time singing away, and although I didn’t catch it on camera, it was really neat seeing its breath as it chirped away on this cool morning!

There were many red-bellied woodpeckers around and this one was having a blast going up and down the trees making its familiar call. Look at the prized possession in its beak! While I love leaves on the trees, there are quite a few dead trees out by the boardwalk which makes it a lot easier to grab photos. Once they are in the leaves, it can be very difficult to focus on the bird and get a clear shot.

Unfortunately, we did not get the invitation to the blue jay party because it looked and sounded like a lot of fun! They were all over making tons of noise and flying from tree to tree. They don’t sit still very long, so I was happy to at least capture this photo of one up in a tree!

This egret was a real treat to see and was absolutely stunning to see in the tree. Elegance and beauty defines this bird! Egrets can easily be confused with herons due to their size and similar looks.

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