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Giving Back!!!

Happy Friday! This post is going to be a little different as I’d like to give an update on all the excitement happening for Start Imagining Birds!

We are super excited to announce our Give Back Program for seniors in nursing homes and children battling illnesses. Our mission is to bring the beauty of birds to those who may not be able to get out anymore and to children going through one of the most difficult journeys of their life. Our grandfather is in skilled nursing with dementia and after visiting several times earlier in the year (we have obviously not been able to visit because of Covid), we could see the loneliness, boredom, and anxiety that residents often face. There is a disconnect with the outside world and nature as many residents may not be able to get outside and soak in the wonder of birds and nature anymore. We want to change that by bringing a little splash of nature to as many nursing home residents as possible through Chirps of Joy!!!

Each order placed through our store will not only provide you with lovely bird photos to display in your home, but we will also be able to donate a Chirps of Joy photo to a nursing home. Imagine the smile on a resident’s face as they hold onto a beautiful Cardinal photo! Not only can they display the photo in their room, but this allows them to open up and share stories and laughter with fellow residents and staff. Smiles can be very powerful to completely turn someone’s day and outlook around.

Children in hospitals battling illnesses face similar anxieties and struggles. It’s a scary time for them with lots of worry and stress as they conquer their medical problems. We want to take their mind away from that and allow these kids to focus on the beauty of nature by giving them something to hold onto, something beautiful, cheerful, and colorful to let their mind wander off to happier thoughts. Just like the nursing homes, each order placed will allow us to donate a Chirps of Joy photo to a children’s hospital to allow these kids to relax and not think about why they are there. When they are finished in the hospital, they can take these photos home and proudly display them! One smile is all that it takes. One moment can brighten someone’s day!

We are very excited about bringing the beauty of birds to seniors and children…one photo at a time!

Also, we are coming out with Chirps of Joy postcards towards the end of October!!! These 4” x 6” postcards will feature a glossy bird photo on the front, with the back allowing you to write a special message to a friend or loved one to mail out!

That’s it for now, keep on enjoying the birds!

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