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Hummingbirds are Amazing!

Winter has arrived! We’ve shoveled more in the past week than we have all season so far. I don’t mind it right now, but once April hits, I want the weather to actually be like Spring. As the snow piles up, let’s let our minds wander a bit to those warm summer evenings. 80 degrees, sunshine, and a nice gentle breeze. The hummingbirds are whizzing around making visits to feeders and flowers.

Speaking of hummingbirds, I want to share a couple amazing articles about them that you will enjoy. These little birds are simply incredible and are an inspiration to us. Hummingbirds need to consume a crazy amount of calories in order to survive each and every day. Check out this article from Audubon that tells how many calories they need when scaled to human consumption.

1,000 beats per minute. That is how much their heart can beat! This article from the New York Times includes an interview with a scientist about oxygen and how hummingbirds move the sugar through its system. This is a great article that you will enjoy as it gives a whole new perspective on what hummingbirds go through each day to survive.

Hummingbirds can teach us a lot about life. If these little birds can beat the odds every day and fight to see the sun rise, we can surely battle through our struggles. Here is a little video for you to enjoy to close out. That’s it for now, the countdown to Spring is on!

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