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Lots of birding fun!

Is it just me, or is time flying by really fast? I can’t believe it’s already mid-August! The sun is going down a little earlier and it’s a little darker in the morning. But there is still plenty of bird activity going on! The Hummingbirds are in full swing visiting plants and feeders. The Grosbeaks and Orioles are frequent visitors again as well. Within a few weeks, they’ll begin to start their migration south. Let’s take a look back at some birding fun this week!

Like I said, the Hummingbirds are around constantly, so it is really important to keep your feeders full. A female Ruby-throated was having a great time poking around the Cuphea “Vermillionaire” plant grabbing some nectar from inside the tubular ports after chasing away another female who was in the area. Trying to capture photos is really difficult, I wish they would sit still a little longer!

The Cardinals are beginning their molting process, they do this twice a year, once in the late summer and again in early fall. Here is a female Cardinal with more of a bald head as the feathers go through their cycle. While they may not look as pretty without their nice "tuft", this is a really fascinating process!

The Black-capped Chickadees certainly let you know when the feeders are running low! This little one was making quite a fuss sitting in the tree as the sunflower seed feeder was getting ready to be filled up. I love their energy and personality!

It was a warmer week, so the bird baths were seeing plenty of action. Here is a cute photo of a Mourning Dove and House Sparrow sitting together getting ready to make a little splash!

That's it for now! Make sure you get out and enjoy the birds while the weather is nice! The next few weeks will see some amazing Hummingbird activity!

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