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A Beautiful Fall Season

It has been an absolutely beautiful fall around Western New York! Temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s with very little rain has allowed what I consider to be some “bonus time” to get outside and check out the birds. Migrations have been underway for quite some time, with our summer birds such as the hummingbirds, grosbeaks, orioles, and chipping sparrows now pretty much out of the area completely. While it’s definitely sad to see them go, it makes it that much more exciting when they come back next spring!

Speaking of migrations, we have had some special visitors the past few days. The white-crowned sparrows have been running around the garden and grabbing their seed meals! They typically pass through the area for a couple weeks in the Spring before they continue heading north into Canada for the summer. There have even been juvenile white-crowned sparrows as well! It has been really cute watching them run around with the parents as they forage on the ground looking for seeds.

I mentioned this in my last blog, but there is just something about watching the birds. There is something about watching these little ones run around in the garden, looking for seeds and generally not sitting still that is so relaxing and peaceful to watch. Your mind drifts off and wonders…what are they thinking about? Are they stressed? Soon you become absorbed in watching them run around and you let out a slight chuckle when they make a hissing noise as another sparrow gets too close to their preferred seed of choice.

Speaking of letting out a chuckle, I had to share this video of a blue jay enjoying a nice little splash in the bird bath! That’s it for now, keep watching for the birds!

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