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That Spring Feeling

The calendar has flipped to March which means that Spring is coming! While the winter wasn’t horrible around WNY, once we get to March, my excitement for snow is gone and I’m looking forward to that first warm day in the 60’s. Have you heard the cardinals sing yet? We first heard one a couple weeks ago and it is amazing how listening to them can melt away any worries or problems. It just takes you to a different place and allows you to refresh.

Speaking of Spring, some visitors came back on Wednesday for the first time this year. The red-winged blackbirds and common grackles were back enjoying some sunflower seed, they are the first batch of “new birds” to get the season started.

Before you know it, we’ll be bringing out the hummingbird feeders again to welcome our traveling friends back home. Along with the hummers, the rose-breasted grosbeaks and orioles will be back in the area towards May. It seems like we were just wishing them farewell on their journey south back in September, but time has “flown by” and here we are again, talking about their arrival within a couple months.

Speaking of Spring, if you want to learn about some tropical birds down in Panama and enjoy seeing some new varieties, you need to check out the bird cams from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It has been a blast watching this cam with all the lush scenery and getting to learn about some birds that we'll never see!

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