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What's that bird in my backyard?

A little ball of energy under any feeder, the Chipping Sparrow is a common visitor to backyards all over the area as it looks to scoop up safflower and sunflower seeds. In addition to being underneath feeders, look for Chipping Sparrows in shrubs and evergreen trees as well! Chipping Sparrows have grayish bellies along with black and rust colored stripes on its back. One of its signatures is the brown/orange colored markings on the head which give them a nice dash of color to stand out!

Chipping Sparrows migrate north during the spring and visit the area starting in late April and will begin heading back south in September. Like many of the migrating birds that come north, it’s important to enjoy them while they’re here because as quickly as they come, it seems like the summer flies by and they begin to head south again!

I love the different antics and behaviors of the birds, and the Chipping Sparrows do not disappoint. Look for them to run through the grass and even hop to land under a feeder to devour those seeds! They can be a little feisty with each other, and it is not uncommon to see them "battling" or chasing each other around, similar to what the Goldfinches do. Until next time, enjoy the birds!

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