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What's that bird in my backyard?

One of the more “lazier” birds that you may find in your backyard is a Mourning Dove!

It is not often that you see birds rest during the day or sit in one spot for a couple hours. Typically, birds are always rushing around going from tree to tree looking for its next meal and adventure. With all the hot weather recently, I may join the Mourning Doves and take a nice nap!

While they will eat out of larger feeders, you will often find them eating underneath feeders nibbling leftover safflower and black oil sunflower seeds. Mourning Doves let out a distinctive “coo” sound that helps to easily identify them when they call out from a tree or rooftop. Listen for their “whistling wings” when they take off as well. Take a look around your backyard, you may just catch a Mourning Dove taking a little snooze!

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