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What's that bird in my backyard?

A beautiful sight to see in any backyard, the Baltimore Oriole is a migratory bird that arrives during the springtime in the eastern United States. The brilliant orange and black coloring of the male makes this bird stand out when perched in trees.

What's the best way to attract them to your backyard? Cut an orange in half and place them on a perch in your yard. You can also fill up a nectar feeder by mixing together 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. This is the same nectar that Hummingbirds drink, and while there are special Oriole feeders available, Orioles will stop by for a snack at the Hummingbird feeders as well!

Orioles love to eat insects as well which is why you may not see them at your feeders for a period of time during the spring and summer. Just remember that the next time you see a Baltimore Oriole in your area, they traveled all the way from Central America to stop by and visit! Enjoy them while they're around because they'll be migrating back south by the end of August.

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