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What's that bird in my backyard?

Energetic. Playful. Fun. These are just a few words that describe a white-breasted nuthatch! They act very similar to a woodpecker in that they cling to the sides of trees and go up and down in pursuit of food. While they are more prevalent in the woods, they will venture out to backyard feeders to nibble on sunflower seeds and sunflower chips.

One of the coolest traits of a nuthatch are the way they sit. They tend to sit and perch upside down and will point their beak straight out with their back in an arch like shape. One came by the other day to our feeder and I joked on Facebook saying that I’d be visiting the nearest chiropractor the next day if I tried to sit and eat like this!

White-breasted nuthatches are a lot of fun to watch. Just like chickadees, they rarely sit still and are always ready for a new adventure. Keep an eye on your feeders and you might just see one show up to visit!

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