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Why are we so busy?

Remember when things were simple? As children we had a youthful enthusiasm and excitement for each day. We looked forward to enjoying hobbies with our parents and grandparents, laughed at discoveries made outside, and viewed each day as a new adventure. But time goes fast and as days blend together and responsibilities pile up, life becomes more complicated. Now simple things just seem...too simple.

Why do we take the simple things for granted? It is often said and implied that work, school, and life is about success and often that success is defined by how busy we are or appear to be. “I have X number of meetings to attend”. “My kids are involved in every sport available”. “We are so busy there is no time for family dinners”. It is as if our busyness is a status symbol to others. But when we are so busy we overlook the simple joys right in front of us that allows us to really appreciate life. Like beautiful cloud formations, colorful fall foliage, or a beautiful sunset.

So why do we settle for this busy lifestyle? It often seems as if we just “go with the flow” of staying busy, rather than risk appearing we are not ambitious or successful. We would rather let other people’s perceptions and definitions of success help shape our own. While work and events still need to happen, does the familiarity of being busy bring us comfort? Or does it give us a way to hide from spending time to find what really makes us happy? Sometimes, slowing down is exactly what we need to bring that fresh perspective to our day.

Birds give us that opportunity. Birds provide us that spark, the ability to stop for a moment. When a beautiful Cardinal or Chickadee is singing nearby, problems and worries seem to fade into the distance. Birds allow us to be with nature and to see the beauty that this world has to offer.

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