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Winter Bird Feeding

Earlier this spring, bird feeding became an increasingly popular activity for many people. Because of the pandemic, many who were now working from home were noticing the birds in their backyard and wanted to put bird feeders out to enjoy their company. For the first time I can remember, bird seed was very hard to find. Stores were even putting out signs stating that they understood that their supply was low, but because of the incredible increase in demand, there wasn’t much they could do. Shelves were empty and feeders were selling out quickly.

Fast forward to today. Recently when shopping for seed, I noticed how full the shelves are of seed and feeders. Has the novelty worn off? While it may be uncomfortable to go out on those cold winter days to fill the feeders, it is important and helpful for our feathered friends.

Birds can burn a considerable amount of energy on cold winter nights as they try to stay warm. Having feeders nearby can make a difference to their chances for survival. Here is a great article from Kaytee that explains the benefits of feeding birds during the winter.

Speaking of winter, there was another nice snowfall recently, and the birds were having a fun time playing! This dark-eyed junco was having a blast running around. They remind me of the chickadees so much because they just can’t sit still. They are always in a hurry!

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