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Winter Wonderland

The calming nature of snow. Everything seems to slow down and become nice and still. The sky becomes a little darker, contrasting nicely with the surroundings which are turning white and bright. The birds don’t seem to mind. They still playfully fly about their day, hustling around completing the tasks for the day. We finally got our first real snowfall of the season and it provided for some wonderful photos!

Perhaps one of my favorite shots was this mourning dove resting comfortably. The serenity of this moment showcases the beauty that nature offers us if we are willing to slow down and take it all in. Unlike many birds, mourning doves always find opportunities to take it easy and enjoy some quiet time. This was one was very “puffed up” to stay nice and warm!

Mrs. red-bellied woodpecker stopped by for a visit as well. Its beautiful color proved to be a stunning contrast to the snow. She sat here patiently for a few minutes just observing the area until dashing over to the feeder for a suet snack. It never gets old watching them cling to the trees, and then scoot up and down in pursuit of its next meal!

Speaking of contrasts against the snow, the goldfinches put on quite a show. Even though they have molted for the winter season, there is still enough yellow especially on the males to provide a nice splash of color. This goldfinch posed long enough for me to grab this photo!

This assorted bird variety looks like a bunch of ornaments, don’t they? Lots of house finches, goldfinches and even a couple house sparrows sat in the tree making for a very festive scene.

That’s it for now, just wanted to let everyone know that we now have thank you cards available for pre-order. This will be a 6-pack featuring a cardinal, downy woodpecker, black-capped chickadee, goldfinch, hummingbird, and white-breasted nuthatch!

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