Summer Birds Set (3 Photos)

The Chirps of Joy Summer Birds Set will feature three wonderful birds that make their way north every season. This set will feature a Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Chipping Sparrow, and a Tree Swallow. These birds don’t stay around long, but are a treat to see! Each set will come with the photos shown above.


Each Chirps of Joy is:


- A 6” x 9” glossy bird photo on the front with descriptions/facts on the back.

- Printed on 16 pt. cardstock quality paper.

- Individually wrapped for added protection in shipping.


The versatility of Chirps of Joy allows for so many ways to enjoy! These can go on your fridge, be put in a frame, be placed in a picture book, or just held onto as you sip a nice cup of coffee. At a fraction of the cost of traditional prints, Chirps of Joy is the perfect way to bring high quality, fun, and cheerful bird photography to your home!


Cherish, display, and enjoy! If you are getting these as a gift for someone else, please be sure to fill in the appropriate shipping address.


Each order will allow us to donate a Chirps of Joy photo to a nursing home or children's hospital to bring smiles and happiness!!!!


Shipping only available to U.S.


Summer Birds Set (3 Photos)

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