Chirps of Joy Gift Set-Virtual Craft Show

Beauty. Color. Smiles. Enjoy this lovely Chirps of Joy™ Gift Set that includes three 6" x 9" bird photos along with 6 pre-stamped postcards! A little for you and a little for them!


You can select from several beautiful 6" x 9" Chirps of Joy options to customize the three photos that you would like. Three 5 inch easels come with these photos for easy display in your home or office!


The options include:


#1- Cardinal

#2- Chipping Sparrow

#3- Downy Woodpecker

#4- Female-Rose breasted Grosbeak

#5- Juvenile Robin

#6- Mourning Dove

#7- Red-bellied Woodpecker

#8- Tree Swallow

#9- Robin

#10- Cardinal
#11- Black-capped Chickadee

#12- Ruby-throated Hummingbird

#13- Rose-breasted Grosbeak


Each Chirps of Joy photo is:

- A 6” x 9” glossy bird photo on the front with descriptions/facts on the back.

- Printed on 16 pt. cardstock giving you more durability!


Your Gift Set also comes with 6 pre-stamped bird photo postcards! You will receive one each of the following birds pictured above:



-Cedar Waxwing


-Black-capped Chickadee

-Female Baltimore Oriole



We accept Paypal as well!


Each order will allow us to donate a Chirps of Joy photo to a nursing home or children's hospital to bring smiles and happiness!!!!


Shipping only available to U.S.

Chirps of Joy Gift Set-Virtual Craft Show

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