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Gorgeous, beautiful, unique, and fun cards for your retail shop...
Chirps of Joy!

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© 2021 Start Imagining Birds, LLC.

Why Birds?

Birds are an inspiration to us all. These small little creatures bring us smiles with their cheerful songs and dazzling colors. 

They give us hope. Battling the elements, birds push ahead on their journey and show us that we can do the same.

Simply put, birds make people happy. Here is a great article from the World Economic Forum regarding a study showing the connection birds have on our happiness.

Featuring our bird photography, these cards can bring a fresh, cheerful, and exciting option to your customers and complement your existing card lines, with the ability to brand the cards with your shop.

Is your shop ready to carry some of the most beautiful cards your customers have ever seen?

Not carrying cards right now? With our low minimums, this can be the perfect way to offer your customers a chance to make an impulse purchase!

Card Varieties 

We are constantly adding new cards and themes, and will be rapidly expanding.
Here are the current themes we have ready:

  • Birthday

  • Thank You

  • Blank Note Cards

  • You are Awesome

  • Mother's Day

  • Christmas

  • Get Well Soon

  • Congratulations

  • Thinking of You

  • Greetings from Home Town Series

  • Custom variety for your shop

New Birthday Cards are Here!!

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Our minimums are very low as only 20 cards are required for an order.

Retail Model

You have the ability to mix and match! This means if you want 4 birthday cards, 3 thank you cards, 2 blank, etc., until you reach the minimum, you can do this. This gives you awesome flexibility!


The cards wholesale at $1.95 each, are individually wrapped, and come with a blank white envelope inside. 

We are finding these prices to be very attractive for stores we are in.

A beautiful cardboard display can also be provided! This display takes up a small footprint in your shop, but presents itself very well and can hold a large amount of cards!

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How unique would it be for your store to carry a line of cards with your home town?

Greetings from Home Town Series

We can customize a batch of cards for your store with a specific "Greetings from Home Town" theme on the front. 

These cards can also be customized to include your store logo and information on the backside. How cool!

These cards wholesale for $2.25 each and are made in batches of 10, with a minimum of 40 cards needed for a custom order. 

Please contact us to see how you and your customers can enjoy some of the most beautiful, fun, and unique cards anywhere.
If you would like a sample card, please let us know, and one will "migrate" to your shop!

Our Chirps of Joy cards are perfect for so many stores including:

  • Gift shops

  • Boutiques

  • Bookstores

  • Garden Centers

  • Nurseries

  • Farm Markets

  • Convenience Stores

  • Children and Toy Stores

  • Florists

  • Christmas Shops

  • Country Stores

  • And so many more!

We are expanding rapidly in retail and are now in Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey! Here are the wonderful stores that we have partnered with. We look forward to working with you!

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We are beginning to develop our Cardinal Christmas Card series, and plan on having a great selection of some of the most beautiful cards you and your customers have ever seen! There has been incredible interest already with several shops lining up to carry these. 


These cards can also be customized with your shop information/logo on the back. How often can you sell Christmas cards with your name on them? This is a great way to advertise your shop to new customers.

If you are interested in selling some of the most stunning and unique Christmas cards, please let us know early! Custom cards need to be ordered by October 15th!

Candy Cane
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Chirps of Joy Starter Kit

The Chirps of Joy Starter Kit is a great way to bring these gorgeous cards into your shop without worrying about how to display them or which cards to pick. Featuring 30 blank note cards pre-selected by us, this is a very convenient and easy way to start.

This Kit will include the following:

  • Cardboard Display

  • 10 Cardinals (3 different varieties)

  • 10 Hummingbirds  (3 different varieties)

  • 3 Goldfinches

  • 3 Black-capped Chickadees 

  • 2 Blue Jays

  • 2 Mourning Doves

Only $70
including shipping!