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Thank you for taking a look around, we look forward to working with you to bring smiles and joy to your residents through the beauty of birds!
Brothers Anthony and Alex Hussak
Founders of Start Imagining Birds

Senior Facility Fun!




Your residents love birds...

Quarterly Program

Q1 & Q3

They give us hope. Battling the elements, birds push ahead on their journey and show us that we can do the same.

Birds can improve mood, benefit mental health, reduce stress and improve cognitive function. Please read this wonderful article from Audubon on the benefits of birds.

Why birds?

Have fun! Residents will enjoy a 6" x 9" bird photo with the provided easel for easy display.

Residents will also get three pre-stamped bird postcards to send messages to friends and loved ones!

Some may remember the joy of watching the Goldfinches while sipping a nice cup of coffee on a beautiful morning. 

Others may remember the beautiful time spent with family while watching the Cardinals arrive at their feeders.

You can help bring back wonderful memories and put a smile on their face with the
Chirps of Joy™ Quarterly Resident Program!

Birds are an inspiration to us all. These small little creatures bring us smiles with their cheerful songs and dazzling colors.

Quarterly Program

Q2 & Q4

Time for games! Three double sided activity cards (word searches, mazes, connect the dots) will keep residents smiling while making for fun individual or group activities!

Your facility can look forward to...

Fun, laughter, smiles, happiness and relaxation.

It is so important for your residents to feel a connection with nature and the outside world. This program gives them a chance to enjoy nature, connect with family, and have fun with some wonderful activities. 

Getting involved is easy!

You can contact us to learn more about our program and how it can work for your facility.

You can order directly through our website or via check each quarter. For only $5 per resident per quarter, you can bring so much fun and happiness in a cost effective way!


There is a minimum of 5 residents required for this program.

We will ship the activities each quarter individually packaged for easy distribution to residents!

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